Before you know it, the Missouri State Fair will start announcing its grandstand acts for the 2024 fair. So I thought, even though there probably won't be an announcement for another four to eight weeks, it was time to see who you'd like to play the fair in 2024.

It's always interesting to pose the question on our Facebook pages and see what you come up with. Some years, there seems to be a consensus among those who respond, other years not so much. This year it's the latter.

The one artist there seems to be a consensus on is Jelly Roll. More people want to see Jelly Roll than any other artist. That wasn't limited to the Kix 105.7 Facebook answers either, he was also the most mentioned on the Mix 92.3 Facebook page as well.

As far as country acts go, there seems to be less consensus among country music fans this year. That's understandable as there seems to be a changing of the guard happening with country music right now. Notably, artists like Zach Bryan and Oliver Anthony got mentioned by a couple of people. They've done very well kicking their careers into high gear without a lot of exposure to start with.

I also noticed that there seemed to be a bigger appetite for rock artists in all eras. What I mean by that was people suggested everything from Five Finger Death Punch to Bad Co. to Pat Benatar.

Newer pop and rock artists also seemed to dominate the list, while some of the late 70s, and early 80s classic rock / classic hits bands dropped off. Not all of them, but a few of them. Now, some of this might be due to Awesome 92.3 becoming Mix 92.3, and who's looking at the Mix Facebook page, but that's interesting.

Of course, it's worth mentioning a lot goes into booking and producing a series of shows like The Missouri State Fair does every year. First, the fair has a budget, so some of the hottest most in-demand artists and shows they might not be able to get just because of cost.

Second, the fair isn't the only place in Missouri where concerts take place. Just because the fair's in town doesn't mean venues like Starlight, Azura, and Ozarks amphitheaters go dark. Or Kansas City casinos and venues stop booking shows. Quite the contrary, they're all in competition with our Missouri State Fair, as well as all the other state fairs happening simultaneously.  A lot goes into the process. Behka wrote more on the here.

So without any more delay, here are 48 artists you told me you want to see at the Missouri State Fair in 2024. That list is followed by our gallery of photos from last year's Missouri State Fair!

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