I'm not a natural cook.  I think I've established this. But, I've been trying. And trying. And trying.  One thing I never did attempt to execute until recently was home made pizza.  When I was a kid, I was never that big a fan of home made pizza. Sure, if you got an end piece it was okay.  But the middle was always super mushy and might as well been made of the salty tears of the cow that gave the milk to make the mozzarella.

So what can you do? You CAN make crispy or at least non mushy pizza at home. I've done it! It's pretty simple, actually.  You can even use the pizza dough that comes in the can (that's what I do).  Basically, you take your pizza dough and you get your baking sheet.  Spray the back of your pan with some cooking spray, and put your dough on it.  Then you bake it in the oven for about seven or eight minutes - the can kind says to have the oven at 400 degrees.  When time's up, you take it off the sheet, flip over the sheet, and flip over your dough and put it in the sheet with the unbaked side up.  Then, bake it for about five minutes or so.  After that, you just take it out and top it how you want. Cook your pizza for about six to ten minutes, and wham! Crispy, home made pizza.


Mushy no more!

Bakingly yours,


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