Tony Farkas was sworn in Interim Pettis County Prosecutor during a special ceremony held at 1 p,m. Tuesday at the Pettis County Commissioner's Chamber in downtown Sedalia.

Farkas, whose full name is Robert Anthony Farkas, takes over for former Prosecutor Phillip Sawyer, who was promoted to Circuit Judge, following the retirement of Judge Robert Koffman. Judge Mittelhauser swore Farkas into office.

Judge Jeff Mittelhasuer has taken over control of the 18th Circuit Court. Governor Mike Parson announced his judicial appointment (Mittelhauser) to the 18th Judicial Circuit on Wednesday, November 22.

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Mittelhauser was sworn in at the start of January. Judge Mittelhauser worked as prosecutor in Pettis County from 1986-2014.

Farkas has worked in the Prosecutor's office for close to a decade, and was in private practice before that.

The ceremony was attended by several Pettis County officeholders.

The Pettis County Commission, led by Presiding Commissioner Bill Taylor, officially appointed Farkas to the position temporarily until "his successor is duly elected and appointed and qualified by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson."

"We feel like he's the best candidate to fill this spot, and very deserving of it," Taylor stated.

Taylor went on to say that "Robert Anthony Farkas brings decades of county and legal experience as Pettis County Prosecuting Attorney. The County Commission recognizes his commitment to justice. With a distinguished career marked by integrity and duty to uphold the law, Farkas is well-equipped to serve the citizens of Pettis County and ensure the fair and effective administration of the office. His commitment to public service and his track record of success makes him an outstanding choice to lead the Pettis County Prosecutor's Office. Before this appointment, Mr. Farkas previously served as an Assistant Prosecutor for the Pettis County Prosecutor's Office."

Western Commissioner Jim Marcum remarked that "I believe that he will really represent us well, being our prosecuting attorney for Pettis County now."

Eastern Commissioner Israel Baeza remarked that "it's definitely an exciting time in Pettis County. We're having some changes, but we have full confidence in Tony. It was a unanimous vote (by the Commissioners) ... congratulations, and we look forward to working with you," Baeza said to Farkas.

“Surprise!” Farkas said when he reached the podium.

“I've worked with Phillip for quite a while. He always says it's longer than he's been together with his wife. But we didn't plan on this day coming, at least not today. But it's here, and I intend to continue the policies that he had. He was reelected by an incredible overwhelming majority of the vote. They reelected those policies, so I don't feel, really, that's mine to change, even if I wanted to, which I don't. The main changes I'm going to make, him and I, we came up in the Kennedy era of Mittelhauser,” Farkas said.

“When I started, Jeff, I don't think, made hardly any money, and he was part time … and I don't know how he did it, I really don't, but up through today is, we're working with about the same resources, maybe a little more than he had. My intended changes are to increase the staff to the degree these guys will allow, because we want to do the same kind of things the sheriff has to expand his department, I gotta keep up with him,” Farkas said.

“And to do that, you know, we have to get charges filed that he presents to us. And this county really since I started, he can tell you, any body who works there, the volume has increased,” Farkas, adding that there may be some procedural changes coming to his office.

Judge Mittelhauser then swore Farkas into office.

In the top photo: Tony Farkas shakes hands with Judge Jeff Mittelhauser after swearing Farkas in as the new Pettis County Prosecuting Attorney Tuesday afternoon at the Pettis County Courthouse.

Prosecutor Farkas

Gallery Credit: Randy Kirby

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