The Pettis County Democratic Primary will be held Saturday, March 23 from 8 a.m, to noon at the Heckert Community Center, 1800 W. 3rd, Room C. 

The Presidential Primary is open to all registered Democrat and Independent voters who haven't already submitted their mail-in ballot.

“Voting be conducted in the same manner as in all prior elections, with the most important difference being the ability to cast a ballot anywhere in the state at any of the 80 selected polling stations,” said Rene Vance, Chair of the Pettis County Central Committee.

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Voter registration will be verified by ID, voter registration card or a current utility bill.  Voter registration will also be available for future elections, she added.

“There will be subtle differences in our primary, but the Democratic party is committed to the open and transparent process of democracy,” Vance concluded.

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