Labor Day is just a few days away.  And it appears that Americans plan on celebrating it in the most patriotic way possible . . . by REFUSING TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

Priceline just released their list of the top 50 Labor Day travel destinations, based on the bookings made on their site . . . and 48 are in the U.S.  The other two are in Canada.  No one wants to leave this continent.   There are two theories behind this.  One, we ain't got no money, and it's cheaper to travel domestically than abroad.  And two, seeing things  like big crime rate increases in London . . . a city we all figured was safe . . . have scared people from traveling internationally.  Here are the top five travel destinations for Labor Day weekend:

#1.)  New York

#2.)  Chicago

#3.)  Las Vegas

#4.)  Charlotte, North Carolina

#5.)  Seattle

So what about you?  Will you be going anywhere this Labor Day weekend?  If you're going somewhere, where are you going? If you're staying home, why?  Let me know and I'll share your answers on the air !

Travellingly yours,



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