A couple of months ago I told you about the raccoon as big as a cat I saw hanging out by the storm drain on my street. While walking JJ "The Chill Hound", my dog, this morning I saw evidence that the trash panda was back. And it proved to me that the money I pay the garbage company for one of those garbage carts is worth it.

In case your unaware, "trash panda" has become a nick name and a popular meme for raccoons. And while my experience walking JJ this morning, proves the fact that raccoons love trash, I'll leave it to the folks at Insider.com to fill you in on the details about how raccoons got that nick name. You'll see a few memes that'll make you laugh too.

So I stepped out to onto my porch about eight o'clock this morning with JJ. We always walk down the block. With him stopping to eat a little grass, check the pee-mail left by other dogs and when he finds a good grassy spot to do his business he does. Sometimes I'll chastise him for being a total cliche when he decides to water the fire hydrant.

Today being garbage day meant there were other smells and things of interest to my greyhound's long snout. And it was worse than normal. Because some animal seemed to get into every garbage bag left next to a garbage cart, not placed in a garbage cart, or majorly sticking out of a garbage cart.

There was an empty package of frozen breaded chicken patties that the trash panda ripped up and investigated. There were boxes from take out meals open where I'm sure the trash panda gorged itself on chicken bones, fat cut from steaks, and of course the vegetable of the day that was the part of the meal that wasn't important.

As we walked down to the end of the block and JJ stopped to take care of his personal business I looked back up the street. What did I notice. No one who had all their garbage in the garbage cart rented from the garbage company had their garbage strewn all over the place.

It was people who had garbage bags just placed at the curb that the raccoon or raccoons had gotten in to. And a couple of people who bought their own garbage cart, that to me look a lot more flimsy than the one's the garbage company rents you, had theirs overturned by the trash panda or pandas and had garbage spilling out all over the curb.

Today it certainly seemed the money those of us pay to the garbage company for those garbage carts got their money's worth. That won't stop me from complaining when I get my next quarterly bill from them though.

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