It's spring, and that means it's time to clean out your garage or basement and get rid of that old furniture that's been sitting on your back porch since you got that new couch.

It's time for Warrensburg's Spring Clean Up, which means the City is offering residents an opportunity to have their bulky waste and old, broken, furniture picked up and hauled away. Just by placing it neatly at the curb.

I'm happy it's Spring Clean Up time because I've got two broken recliners that are sitting on my back porch that I'm sick of seeing every day. So here's what you need to know about Warrensburg's Spring Clean-Up:

  • Folks living east of Maguire Street will have their bulk pick-up the week of April 17, 2023. Those living west of Maguire Street the week of April 24.
  • Items eligible for bulk pick-up include furniture, appliances, carpeting, metal, trash, and scrap from a weekend home improvement project.
  • Metal, trash, and scrap should be placed into separate piles stacked neatly at the curb. So should any other items you want to have picked up.
  • Six cubic yards of items can be left for bulk pick up, six cubic yards is a pile of trash about six feet long, six feet wide, and four and a half feet high.

Appliances like old air conditioners, freezers, and fridges must have the Freon discharged and must be tagged by a State Authorized Specialist in order to be eligible for pick-up. Additionally, old computers and electronics will not be picked up. You can learn more about how to recycle those here. Brush and limbs will not be collected as part of the bulk pick-up. Warrensburg has more on how you can get rid of those here.

Finally, the following items will not be collected during Spring Clean-Up:  Roofing materials, tile, concrete, bricks, stones, etc, automotive body parts, engines, transmissions, batteries, tires, used oil, paint, insecticides, chemicals, and hazardous waste, items normally picked up by trash service contractors.

You can get more information on this on the City of Warrensburg's website.

The Abandoned Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City

Schlitterbahn's fourth waterpark, Schlitterbahn Kansas City, opened on July 15, 2009, on land that originally was home to the Wyandotte County Fairgrounds near Interstate 434. Grand plans for the waterpark included a resort with 1,000 hotel rooms, a sporting goods store, and an area of shops and restaurants.

Between the economy, a child's death on the Verrückt waterslide, and the coronavirus pandemic the waterpark never matched the success of Schlitterbahn's other waterparks in Texas. After the 2018 season, the park was never re-opened and was demolished for redevelopment about two years later.

Exploring the Abandoned visited the still-standing park in November 2020 and shot a video which you can see on Youtube.

Check Out This Ozark's Ranch That Could Be Out Of TV's 'Yellowstone'

The Double Down ranch in Cassville near the Missouri / Arkansas state line in the Ozarks looks like it's right out of the television show "Yellowstone". Check out what Hayden Outdoors Real Estate calls a "luxury equestrian property located in the beautiful rolling hills of Missouri."

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