So we were fixing our supper last night and as many do when preparing a meal, the microwave is used to either cook or to warm up a dish or two. We used it to heat up broccoli. As I was cooking the side dish, I wondered if cooking it this way took away any nutrients, so I decided to do some investigating. Here's some info that I found interesting.

It was first called the "Radarange", and it was first sold in 1946. We've all used them at one time or another. Have you ever wondered if they diminish the nutrients in your food?

Number one, the short answer: No.

You don't nuke food when you cook it in the microwave. This misconception goes back to the day when the atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The link to nuking was when the microwave was introduced three months before the dropping of the A-bomb. 

According to experts the cooking of food in a microwave is no different than ordinary heat. The superiority of the microwave is its ability to cook food faster in comparison to most cooking methods using conventional ovens.

In fact, according to an article on, using the microwave when cooking vegetables saw the vitamin value of vegetables being retained by up to 20%.

Wondering what containers you can use in a microwave? If you wouldn't use it in a conventional oven, then don't try it in the microwave. To be safe make sure the words "microwave safe" are printed on the container.

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