What kind of MONSTER does this?!

Okay, folks, I know it's cold. And sure, I don't want ice on the roads. But I want ice in my dang drink. Every morning, I get to work before the sun comes up, and start my routine. I have a giant cup/bottle type of thing that I fill with water and ice.

But then I get to the freezer in the break room, and what do I see? TRAVESTY.

Who does that? Who takes all the ice but one and doesn't refill the tray? Is there some point that is being made? Is it oversight? Is it laziness? I don't understand!

The unwritten rule of ice cube trays is about to be written by me. If the ice cube tray is less than half full, you refill it. You use that last ice cube and you refill the tray for the next poor iceless sucker.

Admittedly, this is a definite first world problem in a situation where I have very little to complain about, office wise. But dangit, refill the freggin ice cube trays!

Icily yours,

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