Every year, we manage to have some kind of holiday party. For the most part it's just a simple little get together with some catering, and maybe a white elephant gift exchange. It's not a huge deal, but it's fun.  But some of you don't get that kind of fun, and some more of you don't even care if you do.

A new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that only 65% of companies are planning to hold a holiday party this year.  That's down from 72% in 2012 . . . and from the all-time high of 83% in 1998.

The main reason ISN'T financial, either . . . only 6% say they're not having a party for budget reasons. The main reason is . . . they found that their employees don't really WANT one.

Companies have found that when they cut the parties, people don't really seem to complain.  They think it's because employees have a lot of stuff going on this time of year, so a mandatory, awkward party isn't really a priority.


What do you think . . . is this true?  Do people not care about holiday parties at work anymore?  Or are they just not comfortable speaking up for a fringe benefit their company has already taken away?

Partingly yours,

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