I have been a DirecTV customer for many years of my life.  I have enjoyed the stations that the satellite provider gives me.  Now with DirecTV Stream it gives me the same quality without the dish.  No installation involved.  Which gives me more options should I need to relocate.

I realize that streaming services are still popular, and for many this is a better option, or cheaper to get the channels you want.  But if you live in an area where perhaps you have a lot of open space and not as populated, the dish is the way to go.

This April, DirecTV will be removing two channels from it's lineup.  I do not think the average viewer will notice, but the reasons why they are being removed may cause some debate.  DirecTV is planning to drop One America News Network (OAN) and A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE) in early April when the current contract expires. DirecTV recently shared this news with Herring Networks Inc., which owns both channels.

OAN has been around since 2013, but drew more prominence when former President Trump was in office.  The network has previously described itself as one of the “greatest supporters” of the former president. It also regularly traffics in lies and conspiracy theories. Hosts on the network’s many talk shows are still claiming that Donald Trump actually won the 2020 election.  Depending on your political views, you can agree or disagree with what this network has to say.

It’s unclear how this move will affect One America News going forward. Millions of customers will lose access to the network when DirecTV removes the channel from its lineup this April. Comcast, Charter, and Dish have never offered OAN to their subscribers. So how many people will be willing to switch providers or sign up for a new service to continue watching OAN?  John Oliver did a segment about the network a year ago and you can watch that below.  You can read more about why DirecTV is removing these stations HERE.

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