As I was looking through Facebook this morning, I came across a post that may be of interest to athletes around the area.

Once you've played football, either in the early stages of your athletic prowess or as a junior high/high school player or beyond, it usually stays in your system in one form or another. 

Well, if you have the itch to get back on the field for the hard-hitting competitive sport, here's the ointment. According to a Facebook post titled, "Are Interested In Playing Semi-Pro Football?", you can re-live those dreams.

The semi-pro, West Central Warriors football team is based out of Butler Missouri. They're looking for anyone from the age of 18 and up that would like to try out for a spot on the team. They are currently looking for all positions. It's a very competitive 11-man full contact league as part of the DCFL. Off season practices will be starting soon if you are interested.

If you want more information, contact them at

Arthur Preston

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