You don't have to go scrolling very far on Facebook this evening to find the memes about running to the store for bread, milk, toilet paper, liquor, and beer. After all, we're supposed to get two to four inches of snow and super cold wind chills which will blow all that snow around over the course of the next 24-48 hours. So just how bad was the Warrensburg Walmart this afternoon when Christmas collided with our first winter storm of the season?

The answer was crowded, but not as bad as I thought it would be. I had multiple reasons to be there. One, I needed to get a few things to weather the storm and feed myself while Kathy is in the hospital. Second, we needed coffee, bread, creamer, and laundry detergent. I also needed to wrap up my Christmas shopping. Finally, being the last day of my time off from work and with a storm on the way, yeah I needed to get over to Walmart.

The parking lot was crowded, but it wasn't a zoo. Not like it might be on Saturday after the snow's cleared a little bit and everyone's getting their last-minute Christmas stuff. I managed to snag a pretty nice parking spot just by spending a couple of minutes circulating around the lot.

The store was crowded too, but not a madhouse. My loose plan of attack was to get those cliche items everyone says you need in a storm: bread, milk, and in my case coffee and creamer. (I got my Captain Morgan and Coca-Cola over the weekend.) Then, look at some of the other items I wanted to get to feed myself over the next few days. While wrapping up my excursion by finishing my Christmas shopping.

Looking at the bread aisle it certainly seemed like people were buying it, yet, the bread aisle was far from being cleaned out. The same went for the milk. I didn't bother to check the t-p though. We have enough of that on hand.

The chip aisle was fairly clogged up with customers. As was the meat section at the back of the store. That kind of makes sense. Ya gotta figure some folks were doing their shopping for Christmas get-togethers today, just to not have to worry about it Saturday. Not to mention if you're working from home the next couple of days, or just planning on cocooning for the duration of the snow and cold, ya gotta have some chips, right?

I managed to get the rest of the provisions I needed. Then did a quick sweep of a couple of sections of the store looking for another gift or two to wrap up Christmas, as well, as get some stocking stuffers. I had to double back to the candy aisle to find this one stocking stuffer and going back paid off. It was hiding on a lower shelf behind something else.

What I found most interesting though was the mood of the shoppers. You might think with a crowded store, Christmas less than a week away, and a storm rolling in, there might be some cranky people. I certainly didn't witness anything close to that. In fact, there seemed to be a mellow vibe from most of the shoppers. Even though, it was busy enough people were waiting to use the self-checkouts.

I can't speak to how the situation changed later in the day, but in the middle of the afternoon before a holiday with a storm rolling in it was more calm than chaos at the Warrensburg Walmart.

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