We didn't really do much with our backyard garden this year. In times past, we've grown tomatoes, onions, strawberries, parsley, chives, cilantro, that kind of stuff.  We also planted some blackberry bushes all along the fence to let them grow up and wind around everything. We've got four, and this year they're finally producing some berries.

Rebehka Cramer Moreland
Rebehka Cramer Moreland

My Father loves to be outside in the warm weather, and the other day he was out back and saw the bushes were fruiting. So, he picked me some of the blackberries and brought them in. Now what? I don't know if I have the skill set to make a pie, but maybe I could do little tarts. Maybe I could use them in smoothies with some yogurt and frozen strawberries?

Do you have suggestions for what we should make with our blackberries? What would you do?

Berrily yours,

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