BBQ. What's you're feeling about? Love it? Think it's one of the best dishes around? Well, you're not alone.

Wendy's once pushed to get BBQ recognized as the nation's official dish, back when they added BBQ items to their menu, and we've heard it suggested by other BBQ fans, as well.

While the petition was obviously a publicity stunt, we can see that there is probably a solid case to be made for BBQ as our national dish. It's been around forever, and there are a ton of regional varieties popular across the U.S. In fact in an article in, it says that the father of our country, George Washington, enjoyed a good barbecue.

Even though we can see the argument for BBQ, it seems there plenty of other foods that would be good candidates for the national dish designation. The traditional Thanksgiving turkey comes to mind. Why not corn? What about hot dogs and apple pie Even the hamburger might be something to consider. Or what about a stew (you know, since our country is a "melting pot" and everything)? What do you think? If we had to select a national dish, would you choose BBQ, or something else?

Whether or not BBQ is America's official national dish, it's pretty darn good! How many other foods have as many festivals, competitions, and celebrations across the country as BBQ? Very few.

Now that we've got your taste buds stirring, go ahead and fire up the grill. A brisket, steak, hamburger or hot's all good.

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