Casey's has come up with a new BBQ pizza and they want you to name it. For the time being they're calling it their Midwest Mystery pizza. The pie is made with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce and Kansas City pulled pork. Then it's topped with fire roasted corn, bacon and plenty of mozzarella cheese. If they choose your name, then you win free pizza for a year!

I'm not the guy that's probably going to win this contest because I wouldn't be caught dead eating a BBQ pizza. My wife loves BBQ pizza, you may love BBQ pizza. There's nothing wrong with BBQ pizza. It's just not my jam. That said I may still try to come up with a name because while I don't like BBQ pizza... I do like Casey's pizza. I mean it's like pizza crack. My love of Casey's pizza crack is only tempered by how much it costs. So yeah,free pizza for a year sounds great.

I couldn't resist, I did up entering the suggestion "Casey's Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza Crack" for the pizza name. I told you I wouldn't win... but I had to go for the year of free pizza.

If you want to try to win yourself a year of free Casey's pizza you can learn more about their Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza Crack... excuse me... their Midwest Mystery pizza and enter the contest here. If ya win  I expect you to invite me over for a slice!




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