Amtrak has canceled a bunch of trains ahead of the storm expected to impact Missouri on Monday, January 8, and Tuesday, January 9, 2024. So if you're thinking Amtrak might be the way to navigate travel on Monday or Tuesday throughout West Central Missouri, you'll want to call Amtrak at 1-800-USA-Rail to see what trains are operating and what trains are cancelled.

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Amtrak has canceled the following Missouri River Runner Service:

  • Train 316, between Kansas City and St. Louis, was scheduled to depart Kansas City on Monday, January 8, at 4:05 PM CST and arrive in St. Louis at 9:45 PM CST.
  • Train 311, between St. Louis and Kansas City, was scheduled to depart St. Louis on Tuesday, January 9, at 8:10 AM CST and arrive in Kansas City at 1:50 PM CST.

Amtrak has canceled the following Lincoln Service trains:

  • Train 300, between St. Louis and Chicago, was scheduled to depart St. Louis on Tuesday, January 9, at 4:30 AM CST and arrive in Chicago at 9:25 AM CST.
  • Train 305, between Chicago and St. Louis, was scheduled to depart Chicago at 5:20 PM CST and arrive in St. Louis at 10:23 PM CST.

Amtrak will only operate the combined Lincoln Service/Missouri River Service train which normally provides service between Kansas City - St. Louis - Chicago, between Chicago and St. Louis. There will be no service for Kirkwood, Washington, Hermann, Jefferson City, Sedalia, Warrensburg, Lee's Summit, Independence, or Kansas City:

  • Train 319, will only operate between Chicago - St. Louis on Monday, January 8, there will be no service from St. Louis to Kansas City. The train is scheduled to depart Chicago at 9:50 AM CST and will terminate in St. Louis at 2:51 PM.
  • Train 318, will only operate between St. Louis - Chicago on Tuesday, January 9, there will be no service from Kansas City to St. Louis. The train is set to depart St. Louis at 2:55 PM CST.

Additionally, Amtrak has canceled trains that serve Quincy, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Pontiac/Detroit, Michigan that originate or terminate in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday, January 9.

Amtrak's Empire Builder which runs between Chicago - Seattle / Portland has also been canceled:

  • Trains 7/27 were scheduled to depart Chicago on Sunday, January 7, but have been canceled.
  • Trains 8/28 were scheduled to depart Portland/Seattle on Tuesday, January 9, but have been canceled.

As of this writing Amtrak's Southwest Chief which serves Kansas City and Chicago, and Amtrak's Texas Eagle, which serves many of the same cities as Amtrak's Lincoln Service stops are still operating.

View Missouri River Runner, Lincoln Service, Texas Eagle, and Southwest Chief timetables here.

View the Empire Builder timetable here.

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