A Missouri lawmaker has a plan to fix the Childcare Crisis in the Show-Me State, but will the plan work? Here are the details...

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According to an article in the Springfield News-Leader, a lawmaker in Missouri has come up with a three-part plan to tackle the childcare crisis in the Show-Me State. Affordable childcare is hard to find in Missouri, the article points out that in some parts of the state, you could pay $75 a day for childcare which is about $20,000 a year. So what is the plan? In the article, they say...

"Rep. Brenda Shields, R-St. Joseph, introduced legislation aimed at providing tax credits in a three-pronged approach to supplementing the industry. Part of the program allows taxpayers who donate to child care facilities to receive the tax credits. A second part would issue tax credits to employers who provide child care for their employees. A final part uses tax credits to supplement child care providers directly, enabling them to increase worker pay, grow their capacity to take on new clients and pay for other related needs."

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Will it work?

I'm not an economic expert (I'm just a guy who hosts a radio show) but it seems like a great step in the right direction! Giving people, employers, and businesses tax credits to support a childcare center, give childcare to their employees, and keep costs down at their business while hiring new employees, sounds like a plan that is worth trying in my opinion. At this point the state has to try something, you can't have people paying $20,000 a year for childcare when the median income in the state is $30,000. That math doesn't work...

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