The law starts August 2023 and many Missourians are already confused by what they are and aren't allowed to do with the new Texting and Driving law in the Show-Me State.

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According to KMOV, Missouri will have a new texting and driving law that goes into effect on August 1st this year. So what exactly is the new law? According to their site...

"Beginning in late August, state law will officially change, banning people from holding their phone for anything other than a simple touch. That means - no texting, you can’t change music or a podcast, you’re banned from changing an address on GPS, and you won’t be able to hold your phone while on a phone call. You will be able to use Bluetooth and talk-to-text features."

I have to say that this law is going to be HARD to actually enforce... How can a police officer tell if I am texting or I am checking my GPS when I am touching my phone? So, if your phone is in a holder on your dash you CAN touch it, but you can't just hold it? Good luck to the police officers in Missouri... Honestly, we all know you shouldn't text and drive, and you definitely need to focus on the road when driving instead of scrolling social media, or making a bunch of phone calls, it should go without saying, but this law seems to me like it is just going to cause headaches for police officers having to "prove" you were texting and holding your phone. Also, what if you have an older car with no Bluetooth or hands-free technology? But if this law helps deter someone from texting and driving and that leads to saving a life it's worth it.

Do you agree with this new law in Missouri?

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