The last thing you want to find out is that your phone has been hacked. How many times do you receive messages from someone wanting you to like their new Facebook profile only to find out after you've clicked on it to accept, they had been hacked. Pretty annoying, huh?

According to a story on the KimKomando page, 533 million Facebook users records were exposed. That's a lot of records. So how did this happen anyway? What if it happened to you? How do you find out?

32 million phone numbers were also exposed so the first thing I did when I read this story was to go to a link within the page where you enter your phone number. That's it. You're probably saying well that's an easy way to have even more problems. No, it's legit. You just type in your number and it will tell you if your number is one that was hacked. I typed mine in and fortunately it didn't show up as being hacked.

According to

533 million Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online. This includes 32,315,281 American phone numbers.

The big questions is-how long has it been since you changed your password? For many of us, this is a task that is worse than going to the doctor for a colonoscopy.

The article from goes on to say this about changing passwords:

Your password or login credentials to any service or app need to be changed frequently. It’s suggested that you change your passwords at least once every two months.

So here's to changing our passwords bi-monthly and trying to keep our sanity.

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