We're getting close to the Missouri State Fair, and for people who live and work in Sedalia, that means school is also drawing near.Obviously some schools are already back in session.  But a lot of schools in West Central Missouri in particular, will be going back to sessions in a couple of weeks.

You've done everything you needed to provide what they'll need for the dorms: snacks, some extra clothes, some good shoes, school supplies.  And they probably did ask you back when they were enrolling in their first semester what you thought of their initial class choices.  But as they go on through school, and start taking more electives required to finish their degree, you might want to help them with a suggestion or two.  Some classes that might make them more of an all rounder, if you know what I mean.

Here's some good info for college students, or parents of college students. Someone asked a bunch of experts to name courses that ALL students should take, no matter what their major is. The idea is they cover broad skills that are valuable in general. Here are the classes they say to take!

1. Intro to programming, or coding. Even if you're not majoring in computer science, it's good to know the basics in case you need to work with programmers in the future. It's a more important skillset than ever. I even know a few things here and there when I'm writing these up.  It's super handy to know a little bit of coding so you don't have to look it up every time.

2. Graphic design. Knowing how to use things like Photoshop can give you an edge in lots of different jobs, even if it's not part of your main skillset.  You can use it for just about anything, and I know people who aren't working creatively that use it every day.

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3. English. Getting better at writing and communication is important no matter the job.  And you want to be sure not only that you communicate well, but that you make a solid impression.  You don't want to present your big idea only to have it be soured with terrible grammar.

4. Personal finance. A poll last week found most people think it should be taught in high school now. Until then, a lot of colleges already offer courses in it.  I know I wish I had learned a few things earlier.  I watched a movie once that made it sound like the protagonist's student loan payments were only fifty bucks a month, so I believed that might be what mine would be like.   I'll wait for you to stop laughing. I was sixteen, okay?! I didn't know anything, much less any better. 

So while I'm sure they've got this semester sorted, when they start talking about next semester or next year, maybe suggest a couple. And be sure to tell them why.  They'll probably see the logic, too!

Collegely yours,


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