So are you in the mood to buy a major do-it-yourself fixer-upper? Well, there's this home at 904 S. Harrison Avenue in Sedalia that's for sale. It's listed for just under $20,000 on Zillow. Now I warn you, I know very little about home renovation, so whether or not this is an ambitious fixer-upper that's a good deal, or a money pit, well that's up to you.

The home at 904 S. Harrison is a single-family residence built in 1920. It has four bedrooms, and three full bathrooms, and is listed at $19,900 on Zillow. The listing starts off by saying "Calling all investors." So I don't think this is a home that's a great fit for weekend warriors handy at home improvement. I'm not saying there aren't parts of the project where your sweat equity or DIY attitude won't save you some money. I'm saying it looks like a pretty big project to me.

When I scrolled through the pictures, which you can do below, I noticed some things I liked. For example, the staircase in the living room. A door to one of the bedrooms. A couple of the light fixtures. One of the bathrooms seemed very roomy. As far as the staircase, the door, and the light fixtures my question would be: are they savable, and restorable, would they fit what I want to do with the home?

And for the bathroom, since it's fairly roomy, I wondered if it could be made into a nice roomy master bath. Yaknow a bathroom with a nice vanity, a bathtub for two with water jets, a shower, and nice lighting. That kind of thing.

The bottom line, the home isn't safe to enter so buyers are being asked to submit offers sight unseen. The successful bidder will be allowed one supervised visit after signing a hold harmless agreement. The house also has open code violations and an open demo order from the City of Sedalia, and it's up to potential buyers to due their due diligence on that.

Keep scrolling to see some pictures of the home and see more of the home's condition.

You Can Own This Home in Sedalia for 20K: Good Deal or Money Pit?

This home on S. Harrison Avenue in Sedalia is for sale for $20,000. The property, at this point, is unsafe to enter because of holes in the flooring. The City of Sedalia also has code violations and an open demo order on the home. I'm not handy or experienced enough to guess whether enterprising skilled individuals could rebuild this house into a home, or whether it may lead the new owners into a home ownership quagmire explored in the 80s movies "The Money Pit" and "Funny Farm". Check out the pictures and make your own decision. If you're interested Amanda Allen is offering the property through Missouri Central Real Estate Company, LLC

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