Kids, this weekend is gonna be a huge deal.  I don't think I have to tell you that Spring has officially sprung and darnit if that doesn't mean it's time to go out Garage Salin'.  Well, we here at KIX 105 have made life super easy in that regard.  We've put a bunch of the different people out there who would be salin', and put them under one roof!

Garage Saling has a long and storied tradition in our house. Just about every spring and down through to the early school year, there would be garage sale weekends.  My mom would drag one of us kids along with her two besties, and they'd scour the sales.


That's them, there. Michael and Christine.  Christine is my Godmother and was my Mom's best friend from High School and even before, they'd known each other most of their lives. Michael was a friend that I honestly don't know how they met, but but they met I think in their twenties.  Michael, in fact, was the first gay man I'd ever met, and by his example he taught me many, many things about love and acceptance - but he also taught me that finding a good deal was universal.

He's been gone for a while now, and so is my Mom, but the lessons I learned by spending that time with them are still around.  You learn to never judge a book by its cover - because in fact there may be a DIFFERENT book in that cover.  You also learn full well that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and we got some wonderful things that I still had for many years up until the fire at the Mark Twain Apartments.

So, this weekend, I'm goin'.  I'll be broadcasting out there that morning, and I'll be looking for some little treasures to try to start something new.  I think maybe even I might bring two little girls I know, and maybe we can start our own little tradition.


So why not bring out the kids and the whole family. Get some deals, make some memories, start a tradition.

Salin'ly yours,

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