With the end of the year approaching, the big question is have you been good or bad this year? Santa's making his list...so how will you fare?

Santa's making his list and checking it twice...or for you maybe three or four times? Hmmm. How do you think you'll come out this year based on how you acted this past year?

Ever get a piece of coal or a gag gift depicting your bad behavior? (at least your parents thought it was funny)

One year I told one of my sons that if he wasn't good he would get a rock for Christmas. That's right, the ol' Charlie Brown Christmas gift. Well he did get better but as a joke I wrapped up a good size rock and put it under the tree. Boy was he excited when he picked up the box and felt how heavy it was...it had to be good! Needless to say, the look on his face when he opened it up was priceless!

Here's a few faces that will help to get you through this holiday season!

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