I have a friend that was asking where would I recommend for him to get a wedding cake. I know of a couple of locations that makes them locally but beyond those two spots, I'm at a loss!

Back in the days that I lived in Sedalia in the 70's and 80's, it was Mallory's on Ohio but since they've closed there have only been a few spots here and there and some individuals that would make specialty cakes. More recently a name that comes to mind, but as far as I know is no longer in business, was The Cake Lady on Main Street.

Is it even profitable these days for someone or a business to exclusively make cakes for these special occasions? I know a couple of the local grocers that have bakeries in their store, but I don't know of any stand-alone locations In Sedalia.

So the big question for you to answer..Where or whom would you go to make a birthday, wedding or specialty cake?

Hand touching cake



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