A lot of us have probably seen one of the viral stories about how Chewy.com is sensitive to it's customers who lose a pet. In fact, a google search turns up a variety of stories how the company goes above and beyond when it comes to the death of one of their customer's furry famiily members. What happens though, when the customer messes up? Is Chewy.com customer servvice really that good?

Yes. Yes it is. The chow in JJ's food bin was dwindling and, in the middle of our move to Missouri last week, my wife Kathy orderd him a new bag of kibble. Usually the kibble gets to us in two or three days. It's impressive how quickly they ship. This time it didn't show up. Kathy checked our account and in all the haste of moving we forgot to have the food shipped to the new address. It was sent to our old place in the Quad Cities.

She emailed Chewy.com customer service and told them we messed up. We really didn't know what they could do for us, other than tell us to order another bag of food and have it sent to the right address. Imagine our surprise when they reached out to us and told us not to worry about it and that they were sending out another bag of food no charge to our new address.

They didn't need to do that. Although I'm glad they did. Moving can be rough. It's expensive, tiring and at times frustrating. The fact that we don't need to spend more money on dog chow to fix the mistake we made just makes it a little bit easier. It's a little more money in our pocket and one less thing to be frustrated about.

A big thank you to Sierra W. and Cassandra S. at Chewy.com for helping us with our problem and getting JJ his chow.


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