I have been known to love spicy food and spicy sauces over the years.  However I have to admit that mild has been the way I roll in recent years. I took the family out to Boonville and Columbia last weekend and tried Buckhingham’s Smokehouse BBQ.  I am not going to do a formal review of the place, but I do want to talk about the sauces.

Normally when you go out for barbeque, you may encounter mild, hot, and spicy sauces.  This place had several types to sample and three were on the table that we sat on.  I think we discovered why mild is the way to go for me.  It is flavorful and did not disturb the taste buds from the meat or french fries.  Very complimentary.  The Spicy one was pretty good too.  However, beware of “Scorned Woman.”  I tried it and WOW, call it instant burn to the taste buds.  However, the longer you keep the food in the mouth, the more it works.

My son tried it with a french fry and immediately after one taste, went straight to the water and lemonade.  I’ll have to work on him.  My daughter saw the look on both of our faces and wanted to taste it.  She did, and wow, you would have thought fire was set on her mouth.  A whole water was drank immediately after.

Our waitress said that a lot of customers love it for the hotness, and agreed a little bit goes a long ways to shocking the taste buds.  The problem is, that I actually crave more.

So after all this explanation, my question is: what is the hottest sauce you’ve ever had?

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