Update: We recived word from Mizkan America, Inc.clarifying that this is not a new recall. This is the same recall from June 15. It's generated some press and articles lately because the voluntary recall was just posted on the Food and Drug Administration's Website Friday July 19. 

All recalled RAGÚ® sauces were removed from store shelves a month ago. The RAGÚ® sauces available in your favorite store today are NOT impacted by this recall and are safe to eat. If you would like more specifics on the recall announced on June 15, 2019, please read the press release from RAGÚ® here.

Ragu has recalled some varieties of their pasta sauces because fragments of plastic may have contaminated the sauce. This according to a report from USA Today.

Here are the varieties of sauce Ragu is voluntarily recalling:

  • RAGÚ® Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion, 45 oz.
    • Cap code: JUN0620YU2
    • Best Use By Date: JUN0620YU2
  • RAGÚ® Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion, 66 oz.
    • Cap code: JUN0520YU2
    • Best Use by Date: JUN0520YU2
  • RAGÚ® Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion, 66 oz.
    • Cap code: JUN0620YU2
    • Best Use By Date: JUN0620YU2
  • RAGÚ® Old World Style Traditional, 66 oz.
    • Cap code: JUN0420YU2
    • Best Use By Date: JUN0420YU2
  • RAGÚ® Old World Style Meat, 66 oz.
    • Cap code: JUNE0520YU2
    • Best Use By Date: JUN0520YU2

All the sauces were produced from June 4 - June 8. You should look at the code on the yellow cap and the best by dates to determine if your sauce is impacted by the recall. If it is, Ragu says to pitch the sauce and call Mizkan America's customer service hotline at 800-328-7248 and they'll give you a coupon for a replacement product.

As far as recalls go, I'd rather have a prodcut I use regularly recalled for something like plastic vs. some type of food borne illness. The hard part is if you were to bite down on it and there was some plastic in the sauce it could mess up a tooth. Or if it melted in the sauce it could mess up your dinner.

I almost had the former happen once at a restaurant when someone left a twist tie in some lasagna I was eating. Luckily I wasn't chowing down like it was my last meal or I probably would have spent some time in the dental chair.

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