We here at our stations use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter every day.  It's something we do to keep you updated with the latest.  When we have breaking news about stuff, it can be the fastest way to get the word out there.  I know a lot of people use all sorts of different social media outlets, but Facebook is one of the biggest.  And not everybody likes the way everyone else uses Facebook, of course. This survey was conducted in Australia, but we're pretty sure EVERYONE feels the same way. Here are the five things you do on Facebook that make your friends hate you, and the percentage of people who hate it:

#1.)  Clogging up people's newsfeed with too many status updates:  59% of people say they hate that.

#2.)  Using your status as a diary, and sharing too much personal information:  42% of people hate that.

#3.)  Checking in everywhere you go:  38%.

#4.)  Talking about how wonderful your new boyfriend or girlfriend is:  29%.

# 5.)  Posting Instagram photos of your food:  29%.

I'm sure there are other things that get you, but for me, what annoys me are a few things:  the super hateful political messages, you know, "IF YOU VOTE FOR CANDIDATE A YOU HATE PUPPIES AND GEORGE WASHINGTON", and the intentionally vague status messages that are just so passive aggressive, fishing for compliments or concern.  I also hate the ones where people put up some picture and they caption it "I BET NOBODY CARES ABOUT TURTLES, SHARE THIS OR YOU HATE TURTLES, YOU EVIL TURTLE HATER".   Ergh.  Anyway, tell me about your pet peeves on social media and we'll talk it out.

Annoyingly yours,

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