We all know what traffic areas we try to avoid, if at all possible. It's those areas that seem to always cause problems. Which intersection do you deem the worst in the State Fair city/county of Pettis?

The first one that comes to mind is North Grand and Highway 65. The Missouri Department of Transportation has taken some great steps to make the intersection more visible to drivers. In years past it was a real problem. Not as bad now but it still tops my list of the worst intersections in the area.

According to the website badintersections.com, 16th street and Highway 65 is the 131st most dangerous intersection in Missouri. 36 accidents with 16 of those involving injuries have occurred.

I'm sure with all the lake traffic and the overload of vehicles during the Missouri State Fair, there's more that come to mind.

County roads with hills and curves always become factors in traffic accidents. Add in the late summer/early fall stirring of deer and you add another dimension to the problem.

All in all it's just a matter of driving within the posted speed limit and keeping your attention on the road as you travel around the area.

Vehicle accident
John Panella


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