What's your dishwasher loading strategy?

Come on, you know you have one. Maybe you only put plates on the bottom rack. Maybe you insist on placing cereal bowls in the middle. Or maybe your strategy is that you don't have a strategy and you just cram all the dishes in until the machine is busting at the seams.

Well, research now suggests there is a method you should have:

The findings suggest that the best way to pack a dishwasher would be to place the dishes in a circular pattern to ensure they get hit by the jets of water.

While dishes should remain on the outer part of the rack, silverware should go in the middle, which may wreak havoc for those of you who put your cutlery on the side. As the above video explains, what kind of food is on the plate also plays a part in where you should place it.

Now that this dilemma has been solved, maybe someone can figure out the best way to make sure all our socks come out of the dryer.

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