You put so much effort into decorating the exterior of your house for Halloween. Shouldn't you be able to sit back and bask in the glory for at least a couple more weeks?

Halloween is a now a memory. The candy bowl will diminish to a bowl of rock-hard bubblegum and black licorice bites. Remnants of the kid's bounty will be found in the cushions of the living room sofa.  The costumes are to be packed away for another year. You put so much effort into decorating the house. People would stop in front of your masterpiece and take pictures. It was epic. Should you take it all down just because Halloween is over?

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and Christmas is less than two months away. For decoration's sake, they're not your favorite. It's Halloween. So do you take down your work or leave it up? Many people will leave their Christmas lights and decorations up after the 25th of December so what's the difference with leaving up your spooky masterpiece?  Your wife thinks your crazy. She wanted to take down the decorations on the day after.

Thanksgiving isn't for another three weeks . . . would it really be so horrible if you kept your Halloween decorations up for another week or two?

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