It's been awhile since I've been through the cold weather that was experienced in the area this past week. I was fortunate that I was in the warmer weather in Phoenix, Arizona since Super Bowl weekend. I remember a few years back when we had temperatures in the negative. If I remember right it was downright cold so for those of you that survived this round of weather...congratulations.

Since this weather not only affected the Midwest but also at least more than three quarters of the country, the energy demand skyrocketed. Due to this demand the rolling blackouts were something that many experienced.

We put the question on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page, "Did the rolling blackouts affect you?" Here's some of the comments we received-

Yvette A.N. - We were out Tuesday for about 40 minutes, but did it effect us...not really, temp dropped from 67-64 in the house, my husband paced the whole time wondering how long it would be off, but in the grand scheme of things it didn't effect us in a negative way. 

Beth B.C. - Yes for about 90 minutes on Tuesday morning. 

Liz S. - Yes. Only about an hour and a half though. 

Holly S.S. - No and I'm thankful they didn't.

Most of the other responses from listeners stated that they didn't experience any blackouts. One comment was made wondering if the blackouts actually happened in Sedalia-

Lacey S. - Did it happen in sedalia?

The good news is the temperatures are supposed to the the mid-upper 30's this weekend and next week we may see the highs in the 40's and possibly a couple of 50+ degree days in the mix.

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