Since I've been off since last year, (ha ha) I didn't get to throw this in at the end of 2019. Here's some stuff that you may not have heard of concerning the bringing in of the new year.

If you thought throwing your TV out the window would have helped you start off the year on the right foot would you have done it?

According to an article on, this was one of the many interesting (maybe weird) traditions that people had to usher in the new year.

Others included smashing plates on friends’ doors to jumping waves or stocking up on round things.

The whole idea of the meaning "out with the old" includes TV's, toasters and pans being thrown out the window or dropped from balconies in Italy. It was a little different in Denmark on December 31.  Residents start tossing their dishes that they saved throughout the year so that fireworks wasn’t the only things exploding.

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