Admittedly, lately I've been trying to back off a bit when it comes to online shopping. I need to rein it in a bit, and not just buy everything just because it's on sale, you know?  So Prime Day (or really days, 'cos it was two?) was a big temptation for me.  NJ was even in on it a little, looking up some discounts on old MST3K dvds for me.   But I was proud of myself and didn't buy anything...although some of ya'll did.

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Or maybe it was this culprit.


Temptations Cat Treats were the big item to buy this year.  Well, based on the number of units purchased.  Was there some sick discount on those things?  Or... did I miss a really good ad or something?  Anyway. The rest of the top five were Amazon Fire sticks, Liquid I.V. hydration packets (huh??), toys from the company Melissa & Doug, and beauty products by the brand Laneige (Which I never heard of, so I had to look it up.  It's pronounced luh-NAYGE).

The average product cost around $30.  Only 5% cost more than $100.  Around 80% of all Prime Day shoppers were women.  So men aren't as into it.  Which might explain the guilty look on Kitten's face.  Or maybe she snuck her little sister into this.

attachment-figgy typin

CAUGHT!  Red handed!  Or... red pawed.  However you want to slice it.  I suppose I've been too strict by keeping the treats stored up in a cabinet where unsuspecting felines can't get to them.  But.. we've never bought the brand Temptations.  I've always gone with the boring healthy dental treats.  So... someone went rogue, obviously!

No ya'll, I'm just teasin obviously.  But did you participate in Prime Day this year? If you did, what did you buy?  Did I miss a sweet deal on those cat treats?  It seems like I did.

Dealingly yours,

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