One of my favorite parts of living in West Central Missouri so far is the night sky. I've lived a variety places, and all of them have their good points, and well some not so great points. Today I'm talking about the great sights. The eye candy. The things that make me go "I love it here."

In Chicago it's returning to the city from a vacation. On the train it's comming into Union Station as the city skyline reveals itself at night. It gives me goose bumps. In the Quad Cities it's the Centennial Bridge all lit up at night as you come up on the Mississippi Riverfront on the Moline side of the river. In Lubbock, it's the Texas sky. It's a deeper shade of blue I've never seen anywhere else. Anywhere.

In Warrensburg it's the night sky. Most of the places I've lived either are lit up too much to get a great view of the sky, or I've lived in apartment complexs which just don't really lend themselves to spending a lot of time looking up.

Maybe this is a "no-duh" moment for long time West Central Missouri residents. Or maybe it's just because Warrensburg doesn't have a lot of light pollution at night. But when I'm out walking the dog before bed I can't help but keep looking up at the sky. The stars, satellites, planets and the moon seem just a little bit clearer than I remember.

It's a little thing but I like it. It reminds me of when we first moved to Oak Lawn, the town I grew up in near Chicago. In the late 70's there weren't street lights up and down every street. In fact, you were lucky to have a street light on the corner. Our first year there we lived in a third floor apartment and the sky was just like it is here. Dark, clear, and easy to see the stars. Looking at the sky was wonderous then, it's a little more wonderous now. It also makes that last dog walk of the night a little easier.

If you haven't looked at the night sky lately, do it. I don't think you'll be dissapointed.

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