When you live somewhere for a while there are certain habits you pick up. Life hacks that make everyday living either easier, safer or just more comfortable. Here are eight habits I've picked up living in West Central Missouri.

Getting Around Via The Backroads

Whether it's a quicker way to get from South Limit Avenue to Highway 50 in Sedalia. Or trying to keep your vehicle off of Magure Street in Warrensburg. I've learned how to get to places around both Warrensburg and Sedalia without having to be on the main streets.

Not Always Trusting Google Maps

Generally, Google Maps does a nice job showing you how to get from point A to point B. Yet there are times when it seems Google Maps has been drinking. No, I do not want to go down this gravel road in the middle of a field so I can save two minutes going to Cole Camp. Or taking a twisty, turney, hilly two-lane road to Lucas Oil Speedway when if I just stay on Highway 65 I'll bump into the joint.

Seeing The Christmas Lights at Country Club Plaza

You have to head into Kansas City and check out the Christmas Lights every holiday season. There's not a sight more beautiful or a better way to get into the holiday spirit. If it's not too cold and you're there when the shops are open. Make an afternoon/evening of it. Do some Christmas shopping and maybe get something to eat. If it's really cold, it's great to just drive around and see the lights.

Peanut Butter and Meat Isn't a Bad Combination

Sedalia is famous for the Guber Burger. A burger that's built with meat, peanut butter, and mayo along with lettuce and tomato. While I'm not so sold on the peanut butter and meat combo that I'm making Guber Burgers at home. If I'm out and a place has the Guber Burger on the menu, I may very well order one. Sans the lettuce and tomato.

Knowing The Best Places To Eat At the Missouri State Fair

Whether it's a prime rib sandwich from the Beef House, a pork burger from Pork Place, or a slice from the pizza trailer down from the Giant Cookie guy, when you're a local at the fair you learn where the best places to eat are. Pro tip: The Giant Cookie guy is a great way to get a low-cost dessert, without breaking your wallet. He also has great cinnamon rolls. If you're there on a Friday or Saturday night, pick up a box for Saturday or Sunday morning. Thank me later.

Good Pizza is Hard to Find

There are certain foods in West Central Missouri that many places do well. For example, in Sedalia, you can't go wrong getting Mexican food. Most of the Mexican restaurants are good. BBQ too is another type of food that many BBQ joints in West Central Missouri do well.

Unfortunately, pizza doesn't fall into that category. Fitter's in The Burg does a nice thin-crust pizza reminiscent of what you'd get at a Chicago tavern. That said, as a general rule if you want really good non-chain pizza you'll need to head to Columbia or Kansas City. In Sedalia or Warrensburg your best bets are Pizza Hut, Papa John's, or Papa Murphys.

Wearing Sunscreen In Early May, If Not April

Don't get tricked by mild temperatures in May. If you're going to be in the sun for any length of time, wear sunscreen. I once went to a Royals game in mid-May and sat in the sun. One of the worst sunburns I ever got. Never made that mistake again.

Driving Defensively On Side Streets

Some intersections in Sedalia just don't have stop signs. It doesn't seem as bad in Warrensburg, although some folks there don't always stop at the stop signs. I get it guy behind me who wonders why I'm slowing to a crawl at the intersection. Yet, I bet if your car got hit by a guy who didn't realize he had a stop sign to obey you'd slow to a crawl too.

There you have it, eight habits I've picked up by living in West Central Missouri. For those non-native West Central Missourians, what habits have you picked up living here?

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