Have you ever wanted to be a secret shopper? One of those people who gets paid to go into business to buy something, and then rate the service. If you have, Warrensburg Police are warning you to not fall victim to a scam going around online looking for secret shoppers in Warrensburg.

In a Facebook post, Warrensburg Police are warning area residents that a fellow Warrensburg resident found an online job ad looking for secret shoppers in the Warrensburg area. When the resident pursued the job offer he received a "check" from Chase Bank for expenses in the amount of $2,460 dollars.

Here's where it goes sideways. He was told to deposit the check in an ATM and buy $500 dollar gift cards with the cash. The problem, the bank wouldn't cash the check and the man realized it was a scam and asked the Warrensburg Police to share the information with the public.

If you're looking to be a mystery shopper, the Penny Hoarder website has some great information on how to do it.

First, they outline how to avoid falling for a mystery shopping scam. They say never give money to be part of a mystery shopping company. Never pay money to see a list of mystery shopping jobs. And make sure the mystery shopping company you want to work for is part of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association.

The writer for the Penny Hoarder also provides a list of some of his or her favorite mystery shopping companies and talks about how mystery shopping is more of a side hustle that earns him or her $400 $500 a month.

The good news, there is a path forward if mystery shopping is something you'd like to pursue. Just do your research before you get involved with a mystery shopping company.

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