This Wednesday, October 2, is National Have Coffee with a Cop day. Both the Sedalia and Warrensburg Police Departments are offering a couple of hours where we can enjoy coffee with the men and women who help keep us safe.

I think it's a great way to connect with our neighbors who put on the badge and keep us safe in a more relaxed non confrontational atmosphere than we usually experience them. Simply, most of our interactions with police officers happen when something bad has happened and we need their help. Or they've pulled us over for a traffic violation.

This isn't to say we can't share a laugh with an officer at the end of a traffic stop. Or enjoy a short pleasant conversation while an officer is patrolling an event like the state fair or Burg Fest. It's just that many times the officer is keeping his or her head on a swivel, and we're experiencing some sort of stress, anger, frustration related in someway to the interaction.

Coffee with a cop let's us have an interaction with officers without the stresses that tend to accompany many police - public interactions. You can enjoy coffee with a cop in Sedalia at the McDonald's on South Limit Wednesday between 8:00AM - 10:00AM CDT, and at the McDonald's on East Young in Warrensburg Wednesday between 7:00AM -9:00AM CDT.


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