A post on the Warrensburg Police Department's Facebook page is reminding residents to not leave valuables in their cars and to lock their car doors along with securing their homes. According to their Facebook post Warrensburg PD is seeing an increase in vehicles being broken into, and an increase in Ring door bell videos of suspicious people being posted in the Ring Neighbors Group.

Warrensburg Police say this past weekend there were two auto thefts and eight vehicle break ins. To lesson a chance of your car being broken into Warrensburg Police say you should remove the following from your car when you're not going to be in it:

  • Money
  • Computers
  • Guns
  • Cell Phones
  • Keys to your car and or home
  • Any other valuables, or items of perceived value

Additionally the Warrensburg Police Department reminds residents to lock their car doors and close garages and sheds.

Additionally, The Police Department will be notifying residents when they "see garage doors open, or car doors/trunks open, or car interior lights on" even in the middle of the night.

The Police Department is also looking for help to solve some of the burglaries in the areas that were hit last weekend:

If you live in those neighborhoods that were hit, and you have a Ring Camera, any other door bell camera, or surveillance, and it shows suspicious activity, please call dispatch at 660-747-2265.

The Warrensburg Police Department's Facebook post did not identify what neighborhoods were hit with burglaries over the weekend.

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