So my wife Kathy was crocheting in our living room when the postal worker showed up to drop off a package. Being that she was in her jammies she passed on answering the door and figured she'd get the package off our porch after she got dressed.

Well a little bit later she sees a shadow moving across our front windows and door. She immediately thought about our package. So she puts down her crochet, goes to the door, doesn't see our package and sees a large grey SUV heading slowly toward the cross street.

Dude stops the car, gets out, and starts to walk like he's scoping out something on the porch across the street. He sees my wife. Whose now pissed because our package is missing. He turns looks at my wife. Stops. Waves at her. Then opens the back of the SUV, grabs a white t-shirt which he uses to cover the plate. He gets back in the car and my wife yells, "Are ya gonna bring it back?"

Kathy immediately calls 911 and tells them the story. A little bit later a dispatcher calls my wife back. They've found the vehicle and the dude. Turns out a Warrensburg Animal Control Officer spotted the porch pirate and police apprehended him.

Turns out the guy never got our package. Our neighbor across the street happened to walk outside and spooked the guy. He ended up dropping the package on the edge of our porch. My wife didn't see it because she didn't step fully outside our door and was more focused on him.

Police were glad she called because that led to his capture. Seems there were several package theft complaints about a guy who matches the description of the individual police busted thanks to my wife's call.

Warrensburg Police got their man. My wife got to help bust a punk. Chili is in the crock pot. I had a good day at the radio station. Seems like it was a good day, at least for most of us.

Thank you Warrensburg Police Department. And I'll leave you with a bit of wisdom from their Facebbok page. "Don't take things that don't belong to you." That's some good advice right there.

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