Warrensburg Police took to their Facebook page today to address an urban legend that's making the rounds on Facebook. The legend says that sex traffickers put zip ties on cars, such as the windshield wipers or the side mirrors, to make it easier to target victims. Warrensburg Police is the latest police department to alert the public that this isn't true.

Warrensburg Police chose to address the legend after the legend popped up on the Review the Burg Facebook page as well as some area Facebook swap sites. They also shared an article from the Kansas City Star about the false story that's making the rounds.

Here are some general safety tips on how you can keep yourself safe from the National Human Trafficking Hotline:

  • Trust your judgment. If a situation/individual makes you uncomfortable, trust that feeling.
  • Let a trusted friend or relative know if you feel like you are in danger or if a person or situation is suspicious.
  • If possible, set up safety words with a trusted friend/relative.
    • One word can mean that it is safe to talk and you are alone.
    • A separate word can mean you are not safe.
      • It is also important to communicate what you would like done (cease communication immediately, call 9-1-1, meet somewhere to pick you up, etc.).
  • Keep all important documents and identification in your possession at all times. Your partner/employer does not have the right to take or hold your documents without your permission.
  • Keep important numbers on your person at all times, including the number of someone you feel safe contacting if you are in trouble.
  • Make sure that you have a means of communication (cell phone or phone card), access to your bank account, and any medication that you might need with you at all times.
  • If you think you might be in immediate danger or you are experiencing an emergency, contact 9-1-1 first.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline has significant information on human trafficking at their website. If you need immediate help you can call their hotline at 1-888-373-7888  or you can text them at 233733.

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