The Warrensburg Police Department took to their Facebook page to thank people for donating blood at their blood drive last Friday, December 6, and to update the community on how much blood they've donated to the Community Blood Center through their five blood drives this year.

According to their Facebook page Friday's blood drive netted the Community Blood Center 137 units of blood. Over the course of five blood drives this year, the Warrensburg community donated 619 units of blood through five blood drives the Warrensburg Police Department was involved in.

If you missed Friday's blood drive, or are looking to donate again, the next blood drive sponsored by the Warrensburg Police Department is scheduled for Valentine's Day, February 14, 2020.

The Warrensburg PD hopes you'll continue to donate, or will become a first time donor during the Valentine's Day blood drive. To put it in perspective, the 619 units of blood that the Warrensburg community donated all year is about the same amount of blood the Community Blood Center uses in a day.

The Facebook post from the Warrrensburg Police Department is below.

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