I don't know about you guys, but if I can make something I already own last longer... why wouldn't I do that?I'm not about going out and spending a ton of money on new stuff if the old stuff works just as well.  And even if the old stuff is a little lacking, if I can fix or repair it or make it better, why wouldn't I do that?  The old stuff isn't suddenly worthless just because it needs a little touch up.

Case in point: my dresser. It's a hand me down from my Mom to my sister to me, and I'm not altogether sure it wasn't passed down to someone else before that.  It's not an antique or anything, it's just old.  It's got two drawers that I put some PJ pants in and some random clothes here and there, and it's got two smaller drawers up top, with a mirror attached.

One of the small drawers is sometimes the bane of my afternoon. No necessarily the bane of my existence, but it does give me a bit of an annoyed moment from time to time.  The drawer will simply not extend past maybe... a few inches.  So if I want to get out a pair of socks, I either have to fight with the drawer for a couple of minutes, or I have to stick my hand in there and find what I'm looking for.

WELL. I saw something on The Internet (which is always true, don't you know) and decided to try this hack out.  It says that you can put soap on dresser drawers to make them easier to move.  You use a bar of soap, you rub it on the drawer sides, and the idea is the lubrication will make the drawer move easier.  So I thought, why not?  I mean, it should take maybe ten minutes, and if it works, great. If it doesn't, well, I haven't lost anything, have I?

Here goes nothing, guys.

House Hacks?

So did it work? Yes and no.  I imagine it might work better on a different style of dresser.  Is this something you would try at home? Have you tried this kind of thing before?  How'd it turn out?

Do you have any other tips for me to try to help out around the house, or even to get this dang drawer to open a little easier?

Soapily yours,


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