The state of Missouri certainly can lay claim to some fun facts and interesting things. Real estate brokerage firm Movoto has put together a list of several things the "Show-Me" state can boast.

For instance, did you know that Walt Disney himself developed his love for drawing in Marceline, Missouri as a child?

Hannibal is of course home to Mark Twain, but were you aware that Missouri is also the home of great writers Maya Angelou, T.S. Elliot and Tennessee Williams?

The first and most famous monster truck, 'Bigfoot,' came from Hazelwood, Missouri.

The Elbow Inn Bar and BBQ in Devil's Elbow, Missouri features hundreds of bras hanging from the ceiling. They were left there by patrons who feel like adding to the collection.

Like a scene from 'Footloose,' dancing is not allowed in Purdy, Missouri.

A list of 51 interesting facts about Missouri is available from Movoto, online.

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