"Jeopardy!" is required viewing for the Creighton's. Kathy and I DVR it every afternoon and watch it most evenings. One of the things I've noticed since moving to Missouri is they ask a lot of questions having to do with our state.

Sometimes they even have whole categories based on the state. Like "The Hall of Famous Missourians"; "I'm From Missouri - Show Me"; and "Missouri". Our State's place in history is unique, to the extent that aside from basing whole categories on Missouri. If you're talking about presidents, the civil war, rivers, cities, the settling of the west, or, arts and culture, odds are Missouri is going to pop up in a lot of different categories.

So tell me, out of the 15 questions below, how many answers do you think you know?

How Many of These Mo 'Jeopardy!' Questions Can You Get Correct?

Questions about Missouri and the Missouri River have been featured many times on 'Jeopardy!' throughout its successful run. How many questions about our state can you correctly answer?

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