If you spend time training your body to run. And exercising your brain to keep it healthy. Then Warrensburg Parks and Recreation has just the 5K that you should be running in.

It's the Brain Teaser 5K on Saturday April 18 at 7:30 CDT. And it will take more than putting in your ear buds and streaming Kix 105.7 or Awesome 92.3 while focusing on the run to make it to the finish line. According to Warrensburg Parks and Recreation's website:

This Brain Teaser Run 5K will get your adrenaline up and challenge you body as well as your mind in an organized event in which the participant will run the course stopping at each station to quickly complete three challenges while staying on focus with running the 5K.

According to Warrensburg Parks and Recreation the route of the 5K will follow the DD Trail with stops along the way. Additionally there will be a time limit of sixty minutes for this run. The first male and female across the finish line will receive a fun prize, and all who register before April 3 will receive a participation medal and T-shirt.

For more information and to register check out the parks and recreation website here. Cost is $35.00 before April 4, $45.00 after after April 4.

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