I remember every once in awhile back in high school we'd play dodgeball. I think the coaches didn't like to have us play it, because there were always the kids who just had to whip the ball as hard as they can at anyone. Wait, isn't that the point?

Sedalia Parks & Recreation is offering a co-ed adult dodgeball league this winter with matches starting Wednesday January 15.  The league will run for for four weeks, with a season ending tournament during week five. That would be Wednesday February 12. Cost is $100 per team, with a maximum of twelve people per team, and a minimum of four people to a team.

Teams are co-ed, and each team will play two matches (made up of five games each) per night. Matches will be scheduled between 6:30PM - 8:50PM CST and games will be played in the Convention Hall gymnasium.

You can learn more about the league, how games are structured and how to register your team here on the Sedalia Parks and Recreation website.

A team of twelve can sign up for eight bucks a person. That sounds like a fun way to kill some cold Wednesday nights with your friends. And quote lines from "Dodgeball" while you're at it.

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