Parents, need some time away from the kids? Warrensburg Parks and Recreation can help you with that. Their popular Kids Night In program is back and the first date is set. All so you and your partner can get an evening out, or an evening in, without the kids underfoot.

Warrensburg Parks and Recreation's Kids Night In is happening on Friday Night July 10 from 5:30PM -10:00PM. Kids Night In is designed for children 5 to 11 years old. Warrensburg Parks and Recreation will feed your kids (pizza and drinks), take them to the gym, help them hit the pool, watch a movie and more.

The cost for parents is $20 and your kids need to be registered by Wednesday July 8. You can sign them up for the event here. Doing a little bit of research I found the August Kids Night In event is scheduled for Friday August 7, however I do not believe registration has opened for the August date yet.

$20 sounds like a bargain for this if you ask me. Your kid gets to play in a gym, swim in a pool, see a movie, hang out or make new friends and eat pizza. You and your partner? Well you could head on out, without the kids. Maybe enjoy a cocktail or two and dinner from a place like Heroes or Players. Or catch up with some of your friends at Fitters.

Of course, you could also just skip going out. You could drop your kid off at the community center. Swing by your favorite restaurant, pick up dinner, pair it with a nice bottle of wine and have a quiet dinner with your partner at home and then enjoy some "couple time".

And finally, you could always just treat yourself to a big ol' pizza, have it delivered and spend the night binge watching your favorite show in your sweat pants.

Any way you slice it if you need a break from your kids, Warrensburg Parks and Recreation has your back!

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