Well looks like we have a fair amount of snow coming.  Are you prepared for it? I am, but I think I have an advantage than some may not, and it has nothing to do with the vehicle you have.  Except maybe a snowplow.  Get behind one of those and you will be golden!

I grew up in Illinois.  Not that far from Chicago.  We have had some really severe storms in my lifetime.  The winter of 1979, we had a blizzard that dropped so much snow that you could jump off the roof of your house and land safely in your front or back yard.

One winter we had over 40 inches of snow come down over the course of 1 week.  Most in the history of our state.  And I didn't miss a day of work.

Driving in the snow, especially in areas where there isn't a lot of traffic, isn't easy, or fun.  All you can do is try and prepare yourself physically and mentally.  Eventually the snow will stop, it will get removed one way or another.  But we have to adjust the way we get around.

I would like to offer a few tips for you that might help.  Hopefully you prepared your vehicle for this:

1.  You want to drive super smoothly.  No jerky movements.  Picture a cup of hot coffee between your legs, and drive to make sure not to spill it.  Be deliberate, and gradual with steering and braking.

2.  Extra concentration.  Increase that following distance for everything.  Just assume it will take you much longer to get to your destination and prepare accordingly.

3.  If you feel your car skidding, LOOK where you want to go, not where the car is going.  You will recover quicker.

4.  All Wheel Drive - Don't Let It Fool You.   If you are lucky enough to have that on your vehicle, do not let it give you a false sense of security. Drive like you don't have it.

5.  ABS - Almost all vehicles have them now, so if you have to stop, give the breaks a firm press, hold it down and let the computer do the rest.  But keep steering.

Car and Driver has a few more tips to help you out, and you can click HERE for those tips.  I would also try and clean your tires as best you can before you drive away.

Hope this helps out, and if you can avoid driving, it probably is a good idea.  Don't tempt fate unless you have to.  Better safe than sorry.  Good luck and stay safe.

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